The North Fork

Northfork, Long Island

drinking wine on the edge of a cliff. dangerous.

My co-workers -turned-very good friends wanted to celebrate finishing up our first rotation by taking a small weekend or day trip somewhere. As we didn’t want to go TOO far, we decided on wine-tasting in the North Fork. After prepaying for our Hampton Jitney bus ride, we packed our bags filled with little snacks and eagerly awaited the weekend!

The Jitney runs along the east side of Manhattan before going to Long Island. There was a bus stop right next to my house, on 85th street, so I was able to make it on time without having to rely on the weekend subway. Unfortunately, two of our friends missed the bus as the Jitney arrived at the station 10 minutes beforehand and departed exactly on the minute it said it would. PROTIP: BE ON TIME! Otherwise, the Jitney ride was extremely comfortable- you can prepay online or pay on the bus, and they even provide you snacks and water.

walking down main street to get to the winery

Three hours later, we arrived in Greenport! After a quick brunch in the cutesy town area, we walked 30 minutes along Main Street to the nearest winery, Kontokoska. We ended up spending all of our day there instead of hopping around since we didn’t have a car and didn’t walk to walk too far-but there is a very high concentration of wineries in that area if you have a proper mode of transportation.


We did a four flight tasting menu (one red and one white), and then bought our favorite bottle of wine to share outside. We were able to bring the glasses and wine bottle to the beautiful “backyard” area of the winery- which was really a beautiful meadow overlooking a cliff to the beach. We set up picnic right on the edge of the cliff and sipped our wine while eating our picnic food the rest of the day. At some point, we decided to climb down the cliff to explore the beach.

picnic at the edge of the cliffs


after tumbling down a cliff
made it!
the dock while waiting for the Jitney to pick us back up to NYC

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