A Few October Updates (2016)

With the blink of an eye, October has come and past – and no travel posts from me?! That’s because this month was the start of my “real life” – a new job, and the beginning of being a real-full time student as my thesis was recently accepted (woot).

And don’t worry, there was LOTS of traveling done – just none of the fun kind! For most weekends, I traveled to Cambridge to attend weekend residency classes, then traveled back to Manhattan to hit the desk bright and early Monday morning. A week in the life of a full-time  financial ~associate~ (no longer analyst! so strange) + full-time student, while trying to balance out multiple other aspects of life! Thankfully even though I work at a large financial institution, my team is extremely flexible in hours and I’m able to get home at a decent time so I can start the other half of my life.

Monday: Arrive at work. Get 10000 emails and attempt to solve all the problems ever, even when I don’t really know what I’m doing. Must remind self that I am only a few weeks into this role while everyone else in the same role has multiple years of experience. Attend emerging markets class right after work for 2 hours. Attempt to write part of thesis. Watch some TV with M from midnight until we go to sleep.

Tuesday: Same somewhat stressful day at work. Go to gym with SB. Leave around 7:30PM, go straight home to pull together some dinner and meal prep tomorrow’s lunch for M and me. Complete take-home midterm from 10 PM – ?? AM
Wednesday: Same day at work. Organize dinner with a few friends. Quick 30 min run before dinner. I try to schedule at least one “social” night a week, or else will go crazy! Arrive home around 11 PM and complete my problem sets for class tomorrow. 1 AM – Send emails for my various extracurricular activities – the presidential campaign, the Lincoln Center, and AsylumConnect.

Thursday: Another stressful day at work. Leave around 7 PM to make it to my 7:30 PM class. Am in class from 7:30 PM-11:30 PM (yes, that’s four hours). Thankfully I can multitask and do a workout, clean my room, etc at the same time. M makes dinner (a supportive partner is VERY IMPORTANT!)

Friday: LAST DAY OF WORK THIS WEEK. Run to catch the bus at 5:30pm to go to Boston after work. Arrive in Cambridge at 10 PM. Do some last minute homework with college best friend before tomorrow’s class.

BOSTON: Saturday: 8 AM – 7 PM: Straight lecture class. Yes, you read that right. Networking reception after class is over until 8 PM, then spend rest of night with JK doing more homework for tomorrow. We order takeout, so that’s some consolation.

BOSTON: Sunday: 8 AM – 5 PM: More lecture class, for 9 hours straight. Take an Uber to South Station to catch the bus back to Manhattan. Arrive back to apartment around 11 PM. Meal prep, take shower, organize thoughts for work the next day.

Monday: 8 AM. Back at the desk. Repeat the next week.

Summary: Work 5 days a week; School 30 hours a week minimum; 1 night of friend socializing, 10 hours spent in commuting, gym 3-4 times a week, meal prep for lunch everyday, 5 hours a week on extracurriculars.
Summary part 2: Shout out to very supportive partner and friends. When you’re as pressed for time as I am, it’s the quality interactions that matter most. Plus, this makes all the future traveling totally worth it! If you ever feel stressed in life, I am happy to commiserate with you. We can get through it together!

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