West Palm Beach, FL


This was so long ago that I don’t quite remember what to write, except that this was super relaxing! I had a few days to simply unplug and not worry about anything at work – I had just finished my last final for my masters and felt like I deserved it 😉 M had a work trip here so I tagged along! While he was at work I honestly just sat at the beach a lot and read (and got really sunburnt!) When I wasn’t at the beach, I was at the pool. The sun was so strong when I was there, usually I can spend hours and hours outside but I needed to take a break after a few hours of beach time!

first day at the beach! Got sunburnt immediately. Sigh.

Most of my meals were from Publix – I missed their sub sandwiches! We ate out a few times at some fish places, but nothing super exciting.


Blowing Rocks Preserve was a bit out of the way, but one of my favorite beaches! The coast was so rocky and at low tide would recede into a cliff.

We stayed at Jupiter, FL most of the time, and had some time to visit West Palm Beach downtown. We ended up eating dinner at Rocco’s Tacos (lol) – a perfectly nice city but I don’t think I’d want to live there! It was great to get some beach time and get my first tan of the summer, though. We also got some great kayaking in with manatees. Enjoy the pictures!

Oh, and we loved being in suburbia (having lived in NYC for a few years) and so really enjoyed some suburban pleasures such as Dairy Queen and Mini-Golf (the best date!)



One of the best parts of West Palm Beach is the miles and miles of protected turtle nesting sites. We took walks almost every night along the beach to try to see turtles lay eggs! Our eyes weren’t trained properly to see them so we might’ve missed them, but we did see two huge sea turtles mating in the ocean! There was also a seaturtle rehabilitation center- Loggerhead Marine Life Center –  by one of the beaches, which was free to the public and showed the injured turtles they were taking care of. I also loved hiking the sand dune trails nearby (I did these alone, so no photos sadly!)

Image result for sea turtle rehabilitation center florida jupiter

Image result for sea turtle rehabilitation center florida jupiter

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