Zurich, Switzerland

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Lake Zurich

It’s so strange being able to sit, edit photos, and write after work. Although I’m currently approaching these blog posts from a purely documentary experience, perhaps after updating all of our Asia travel I’ll have time to really write some reflective pieces. Instead of rushing around to go finish a last-problem set, meet up with a friend for cocktails across town, or scurry off to a board meeting, these days if I’m in my home base of Boston when not traveling, I’m able to leisurely go to the gym, run some errands, cook a wholesome meal, practice my piano, spend some time reading, and hang out with M watching the latest episode of Veep or playing our Wii. It’s wonderful being able to enjoy life. We’re still so busy – we have been in Boston only 2 weekends since we’ve moved here, and M is in the throes of his PhD – but I think I’m slowly somehow recovering from major burnout these last few years. It helps that my new job is incredibly challenging but fulfilling at the same time! For now, I still feel like I have much to catch up on in my personal life so I haven’t gotten restless yet post work-hours, but perhaps I’ll start looking at some more time-consuming ~extracurriculars~ post work hours, like working towards a CFA! (yes, I’m crazy and need to calm down. Getting there!)

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so much delicious cheese! This was in a refrigerated cheese room.

That being said, our long layover in Switzerland kicked off our travel this past summer around Asia. This was really the start of physically and mentally recovering from my crazy life the last few years, and while it was hectic, it was, in typical style, completely wonderful. I finished my last day of work on a Friday, packed that weekend, moved our stuff to Boston on that Monday, and then flew around the world that Wednesday. First stop was a day layover in Zurich where met up with our great friend TL for a day of romping around!

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idyllic strolls post picnic
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this is the “normal” “bad” food at a typical grocery store – since it’s all packaged. Pretty sure this counts as some of the freshest food if it were in an American supermarket.
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soft cheeses! YUM! But freaky looking.

Since it was just a layover I didn’t have most of my tech to take photos, but enjoy! We spent the day hiking/strolling, walking around the river, drinking at cute coffee shops, and exploring all the random truffle and cheese shops in the city. While most people say Zurich isn’t their favorite city in Switzerland, we can’t wait to visit the rest of the country and the “real” Alps as Zurich was perfectly charming! We had taken a red-eye to Zurich so were seriously struggling through the day, but the wonderful, non-humid summer air kept us perky.

The Zurich airport and getting into the city from the airport was seamless. We dropped off our carry on baggage (we only had a backpack each for our Asia trip!) at luggage storage (lockers only take Swiss Franc coins), then took a 15 minute train ride into the city. We had no problem enjoying much of Zurich in the 8 total hours we spent there.

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the cows we enjoyed on our mountain stroll
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NY -> Zurich


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