Portugal (2016)

Continuation of Winter 2016 Eurotrip

Lisbon: Day 5


I left my friend to visit my other friend in Portugal. After a quick flight, I arrived to the sunny city! We stayed in the Alfama district, which is full of winding streets and beautiful houses. I LOVED this city – maybe it was the off season, but things didn’t feel too *touristy*. Plus, we met the neighbors on the street we stayed at; very few spoke English. This just made the attempted communication more fun!

I arrived a bit earlier than my friend, so I dropped off my bags and explored the monastery Belem area. Nearby is also the famous café to buy pasteis de nala – delicious egg tarts that CHANGED MY LIFE.

I then met up with my friend and we visited Sao George’s castle, to overlook the city. There was student admission so climbing on the beautiful deserted castle was totally worth it!

At night we visited the rest of the city, and headed blog recommendations to go to Cervejaria Ramiro. While the seafood was fresh, I was craving some more traditional dishes – so we headed back to the Alfama district at night to listen to some Fado (a musical genre characterized by mournful lyrics).



The next day we took the train over to Sintra – I was looking to this leg of the trip the most! Unfortunately most of the day was cloudy at the top of the mountain (what did we expect, we were so high) but we did get glimpses of sunshine while down in the village of Sintra and a bit when we were up in the palace. Take the bus (4 euro) and keep your pass all day so you can do the loop for the Moorish Castle and Pena Palace. I also loved the Quinta da Regaleria – the best part was entering secret “doors” that descended into caves, and then emerging out from an entirely different part of the gardens behind a waterfall! So cool.

I have to mention, after coming back to Lisbon at night we ate at (lookup restaurant name)- a delicious portugese buffet for only 14 euro per person!! And with cheap sangria too! Highly recommend.

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