Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin

I’d almost forgotten to write this blogpost, because our trip to Wisconsin felt like a normal weekend away with family. We took an extended Labor Day Weekend to visit M’s summer vacation spot when he was growing up. Most of M’s extended family still lives within a tiny radius of the Milwaukee area, with the grandparents in Door County which happens to be a great lake vacation spot. I was so glad to go visit their beautiful house before it’s sold, and to visit all the nostalgic places M visited while he was a kid.

This trip was great to reset and get ready for a “new year” – at this point, I’ve mostly stopped thinking in academic years, but this may (hopefully!) change next year. Our lives are in a pretty insulated bubble, even though we may think that those who live in areas like the Midwest and South are; in reality, the institutions we belong to and the circles we surround ourselves with are the elite of society, which may not always be a great thing. It’s great to reset and remember that the rest of America has certain values and certain ways of living which are completely different from us, and we have to make an effort to integrate that into our careers and lives.

This probably isn’t a tourist destination for most of you reading this blog, but enjoy a snapshot of an idyllic long weekend in beautiful lake country, Wisconsin!

goats on the roof of Al Johnsons, famous for swedish pancakes and meatballs!

We took an early morning flight to Milwaukee; because of the time difference, we had plenty of time to grab breakfast and then make the 3 hour drive up to Door County. Green Bay Airport is much closer, but the expense wasn’t worth it; especially since we would have had to rent a car anyway.

We enjoyed a few days eating surprisingly delicious food, visiting all the European-inspired stores (there’s a huge German and Swedish population up here), and spending time with family at the lake.

On our last day, we drove back to Milwaukee and had the most delicious custard (similar to ice cream) I’ve ever had at Kopp’s. Milwaukee is AMAZING!! And such a great standard of living! I think if I had to move to the midwest, I’d live in Milwaukee given the price and proximity to Chicago.

flavor of the day: Grasshopper fudge custard

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