We’re Married!

All photos by Hyde Photography

The second half of this year was slow on travel because…we were getting ready for our wedding!

Bride + Groom-0436.jpg

On August 18, 2018 we had our legal ceremony in Central Park, officiated by our friend KP & witnessed by a maid of honor and best man. It was a simple ceremony, done because the date is super lucky in Chinese culture. Also we were ready to be married after 14 months of engagement! This date is our marriage anniversary which we will celebrate every year.

Before Ceremony-0017Before Ceremony-0018Before Ceremony-0045Before Ceremony-0064Before Ceremony-0083Before Ceremony-0122Before Ceremony-0153

On October 5, 2018, we had our official wedding ceremony, reception, and celebration with all our friends and family in Warwick, NY. When searching for a venue we knew that we wanted something outdoors and unique (no barn weddings!), and also affordable enough to allow us to bring our own food in because I already had a catering company (Dino BBQ) in mind. We eventually found Emmerich Tree Farm, a family-run Christmas tree farm in the middle of the woods. As soon as we met the owners we were instantly charmed; the venue was nothing fancy but the entire situation felt like a family member was helping plan our wedding. This place was certainly unique and non-traditional (it even made this list of most unique venues in the Hudson Valley!) We limited our search to the Hudson Valley because it was one of our favorite places to escape to during our time in New York, we wanted to be married in New York (NOT Boston/Massachusetts/New England), and the Hudson Valley is somewhat accessible by public transportation for our friends without cars (or those who don’t know how to drive one). At the end of the day, we loved our venue as it was simple, beautiful, and helped add to the ~magical fairytale forest feel~ I wanted! Maybe for our vow renewal we will do a fancy black tie affair 😉


Planning wasn’t too hard because I had a great team that I relied on – You’re the Boss! Events pretty much took care of all the details I was worried about, including florals, decorations, and cake; we outsourced our alcohol to a local liquor store, and Dino BBQ was extremely professional. Our friend KH, who actually is not officially an officiant, gave the best wedding ceremony I could’ve asked for (with plenty of LOTR references) – and many said it was the best ceremony they’ve ever heard. And of course, we were so happy to invest in a FANTASTIC photographer (HydePhotography) and videographer (Stilwell Photography & Films) so we can relive these memories forever.

Here is a snapshot of some of our photos – you can also see them at this gallery site with the password “happiliu”.


Overall, everything was perfect. We rented a nice lakehouse in Greenwood Lake for our wedding party, which was one of our best decisions. Coordinating transportation in the Hudson Valley was tough, since all the hotels were pretty far from our venue. In the end, our wedding was pretty much a “destination” wedding, since M and I are from different places, our families are scattered everywhere, and our friends are all over the world. We were truly humbled by how many of our friends and family flew in from all over the world to attend our wedding. I suppose it did help, for our friend group, that we were one of the youngest to get married so people were probably more excited for our wedding (and had a lower bar!!) than people in their 30s or late 20s who feel like they have a wedding to attend every other weekend. There was a lot of laughing, catching up, and reunions. There were a lot of happy tears from all parties.

We’re sad that our party was so short and that we didn’t have enough time to PARTY IT UP with all our friends. We already miss our family, extended family, friends, and the friends who feel like family. But, we’re happily enjoying married life! (although it doesn’t feel any different because we literally returned to the same apartment/same life as before).


Up next: our HONEYMOON to Africa in January!

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