The Berkshires

While it looks like I’m super delinquent on this post as our most recent weekend away to the Berkshires was in mid-May, I had originally made the conscious decision not to blog about the trip since it was just a weekend away. But today I was reorganizing this blog in advance of posting about our recent 2.5 week Pacific Northwest road trip (peep that newly updated blog menu!), and realized that I used to blog about all the mini-weekend trips from New York all the time. So might as well put together a post about the Berkshires in case I ever want to go back down memory lane.

I had booked this weekend trip as a birthday present for M, who has wanted to go camping for a while…instead, I decided to do a cabin in the Berkshires so that our friends M and S could come from NYC. The Berkshires is exactly equidistant from NYC and Boston, so it could be a good place for our future vacation home! Even though we still love New Hampshire the most.

We booked a grand old house that was on acres of land, which was super charming. Unfortunately the grand old house didn’t have air conditioning, which usually would have been fine…but that weekend was over 100 degrees. We thought we would’ve escaped the heat by being in the “mountains”, but the Berkshire mountains are more like hills, so we ended up coming back to Boston a night early. It was still a wonderful weekend with friends, though! We have done a local weekend trip with this group of friends every year for the past ~7 years. Maybe one day we will venture further out from the Northeast!

We have visited the Berkshires multiple times before, usually over Thanksgiving with in-laws or during COVID. This was the first time we visited more of the local sights instead of hanging out, and we heartily enjoyed staying in the heart of Stockbridge. Hopefully one day we will finally make it out to Tanglewood! In previous years, we’ve enjoyed staying at the Red Lion Inn. My favorite hikes in the area are Bash Bish Falls (the highest waterfall in MA) and Mount Greylock.

Highlights included the Norman Rockwell Museum, a lot of small hikes, the Berkshires Botanical Garden, and the Stockbridge Bowl. Enjoy the photos! As I have a bit of downtime this week, hopefully I will update some posts about our recent PNW trip in a timely manner – we’ll see 🙂

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