Olympic National Park

The next portion of our PNW roadtrip was 4 days in the Olympics. We are glad we spent this much time here, as it was enough time to see everything we wanted to in the park, but minimized the amount of driving we did each day! This was a perfectly feasible itinerary to do with a young toddler who needed to nap. All the hikes we did were family-friendly (although S doesn’t quite walk yet, so she got restless getting carried around all the time…but they were short enough where we still survived, especially with lots of snacks!)

See below for a 4-day, family friendly itinerary, with plenty of time built in to relax. We mostly brought our lunches (sandwiches from grocery store) and made food at home for dinner.

The Hoh River, Lake Quinault, the world’s largest Sitka Spruce, and the Quinault Rainforest

Our tiny home in Forks

Day 1: Drive from Portland to Forks. Stop by Lake Quinalt and Quinalt Rainforest. Tried to stop by Ruby Beach but it was closed, so we went to the Hoh River instead. In Forks, we spent two nights in a cute “Tiny Home” that was secluded but still in the middle of the town. Yes, we did drive past the Twilight house – the secret inner nerd part of me couldn’t resist!

Hoh Rainforest, Hall of Mosses, and Spruce Trail

Day 2: Hoh Rainforest, Hall of Mosses, Hoh River (Spruce Trail – only 3 miles roundtrip. The whole Hoh River Trail is around 33 miles round trip). In the afternoon, we did the Hole-In-The-Wall hike at Rialto Beach. We saw a lot of mountain goats getting airlifted out near Rialto Beach! (apparently they are aggressive towards humans and needed to be rehomed to the North Cascades.)

Rialto Beach and the Hole-In-The-Wall hike

Day 3: Drive from Forks to Port Angeles. Spend the day at Lake Crescent, hike Marymere Falls. Lake Crescent Lodge is beautiful. We should’ve stopped by Sol Doc Falls first before hitting Lake Crescent, but S needed to nap so we set up her portable bed and sleeptent (we use the Slumberpod) by the lake so she could nap.

Lake Crescent and Lake Crescent Lodge

Day 4: Hurricane Ridge (Hurricane Hill hike – around 3.5 miles round trip, 1000 ft elevation gain) and explore Port Angeles. Hurricane Hill was one of our favorite hikes – we saw a lot of wildlife (baby deer and marmots were the highlight). We also enjoyed the town of Port Angeles, the aquatic Marine Center, and the local playground for an afternoon.

Hurricane Hill hike

Cooking in our airbnb – way easier (and cheaper) than eating out, especially with a toddler

Chill days in Port Angeles, visiting playgrounds, the local beach, and the Marine Life Center. We also got some amazing ice cream (not pictured!)

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