Lake Como, Italy

Well, dear readers (and friends)….this blogpost has been over 2 months overdue. When that happens it’s usually because of: an insane work schedule, got behind managing a toddler, or suffering through an illness. In this case, it’s been a combination of all three – although the illness in this case is pregnancy (lmao).

By now the news is out, although it’s trickled out the last few months mostly accidentally since this time it’s been harder hiding it since we’re not just on Zoom all the time anymore. There’s only so many times I can refuse a tequila shot, pretend I have food poisoning, and/or just look terrible before people start catching on! I’m now squarely in the second trimester and things have been improving. The last few weeks/months have been a lot rougher than last time since last time we were living in New Hampshire during the bulk of my symptoms and I was in Zoom University! This time I have to try to survive a more-than-full-time job and attempt to keep my toddler alive (not to mention make sure the house doesn’t burn down and that there’s something to eat once in a while). And I can’t just go on a hike in the crisp mountain air whenever I want to in the middle of the day anymore! Thankfully the hubs has been taking on most of the domestic duties while I mostly just try to not sound like an idiot at work and occasionally take care of the human and fur children. I’d still happily trade places with being a man, because I definitely still get the short end of the stick in this whole pursuit-of-having-kids journey 🙂

Our airbnb – including our private rooftop pool!

So we have a lot of stuff coming up in the spring, with a new house, a new(ish) city (moving back to the NYC area! Hit us up!), transitioning to 2 kids, and M graduating and starting his first job! Send us positive thoughts that we can manage it all!! In the meantime I will procrastinate on all the other things I need to do in preparation for the next few months and just upload and write about our lovely time in Italy this past September, instead. And in typical fashion we are already coming up on our next trip. We had originally planned on going to Spain over Thanksgiving, but since we were in the process of buying a house and had JUST gone to Italy we decided to postpone our next big trip until the winter holidays. Since this Italy trip was mostly culture-oriented and our trip before this to the PNW was more nature-oriented, we’re thinking of going somewhere that has both a cool city and nature for us to hike around in. So far the top contender is Argentina (Buenos Aires & Patagonia), but stay tuned!

We spent a lovely 11 days between Lake Como and Tuscany. We brought S (our toddler) so it was a much slower trip than we’re used to, but it ended up being the perfect amount of time in both places. We were also lucky enough to have Mimi (S’s grandmother) come with us for the whole time and even had Opa (S’s grandfather) join for part of the time, so that helped with the stress of a trans-Atlantic flight + time zone changes + being able to do some touristy and date things on our own time.

After an overnight flight, we flew into Milan and grabbed a rental car to drive up to Lake Como. Our Airbnb was in Tremezzo, right by the Grand Hotel Tremezzo (literally right next door) and by the Villa Carlotta. I highly recommend staying in the mid-lakes region so that you can take all the ferries across the lake to Bellagio, Varenna, and all the other little lake towns. We loved being able to hop onto a ferry and ride across the lake to another town to explore! Just note that the ferries are often late, but you’re on vacation so just take things slow.

One morning we had delicious breakfast at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The views were stunning!

The town of Varenna

Another highlight was a day trip to Varenna. We loved Villa Monastero and just walking around the town. It was a lot less crowded than Bellagio (we did go to Bellagio one night for date night, but it was mostly empty at night since the draw of Bellagio is the shopping during the day).

One of the days we rented our own boat and drifted around the Lake! It was so fun being able to go at our own pace, see the towns from a different angle, and swim wherever we wanted. I still would never in a million years own a boat, but it’s fun getting one once in a while on vacation (or, really the life hack is to just have friends who own boats!)

Our boat ride around Lake Como! We drove by Villa Balbianello and were able to see it from the water (where Star Wars was filmed)

On our last night we went to the sleepy little beautiful town of Lenno. It was one of the most peaceful places we visited on the trip. If you don’t care about able being in a slightly more inconvenient spot, one of the smaller towns like Lenno is also a great location for renting an airbnb or villa.

Overall, our 5 days in Lake Como were beautiful and so fun! The only caveat is that it’s really hard finding a grocery store in the area, and the boats run on a somewhat unpredictable schedule. But if you’re fine with eating out for every meal (actually didn’t end up being expensive, it’s just hard eating out with a toddler for every meal, and they don’t really do takeout in Italy) and can just sit around and enjoy the water / the villas / the tiny shops and cobblestone streets, you’ll have a wonderful time. I’m really glad we ended up visiting (even though we didn’t get to see George Clooney or Jennifer Lopez!) For the next leg of our trip, we drove from Tremezzo all the way to Florence/ Tuscany (next blogpost to be updated – stay tuned).

Bellagio and some of the delicious food we ate

Lenno and Villa Carlotta

Some other snippets from Lake Como. Gorgeous atmosphere and perfect weather

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  1. Amy Happ says:

    That was a fabulous trip. If I win the lottery I am buying a house in Lenno.


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