Cold Spring & Kykuit

Hudson River Valley, NY – September 2015

Abandoned ruins of Northgate, the Cornish Estate

As we’re still settling into our apartment and exploring the city, we haven’t had a chance to really take as many trips as we’d like. Must make do with what we have, I suppose! I escaped my hot, no airconditioning apartment for a weekend to explore the hudson river valley (and saved money by simply taking a train back on Saturday night, and going again in the morning). We first visited Cold Springs, NY, which is a short 1.5 hour ride up the magnificent Hudson River to transport us to a world completely separate from the concrete jungle. We didn’t leave super early in the morning so we chose to do the Bull Hill hike (6.7 miles) instead of Breakneck Ridge (although the time we spent meandering around mountains was about the same as it would’ve taken us to do the Ridge). We got some great hiking in, explored the Cornish ruins in the middle of the mountain, and then spent the rest of the day exploring the cute little town of Cold Springs (little pubs, antiques, art galleries, and chocolate shops in walking distance down Main Street).

waiting for our train home ($27.50 roundtrip)
admiring the views of the Hudson.

The next day was spent exploring Sleepy Hollow, NY (a shorter ride than Ploughkeepsie/Cold Spring). The majority of the time was spent exploring Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate that sits on endless gardens and grounds overlooking the Hudson Valley. Tickets were a bit pricey ($28 for weekend), so we didn’t take a cab to the Rockefeller Preserve or visit the Philipsburg Manor which was right next to Kykuit. Instead we happily meandered around the carefully cultivated grounds of a great business tycoon and spent the rest of the day walking through and exploring Sleepy Hollow and the adjacent Tarrytown. Not as cute as Cold Springs, but there was still plenty to explore.

Kykuit, reflective of the Baptist upbringing of Rockefeller (no dance halls!)
the famous Kykuit view, post-tour.

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