CHINA (2013)

China: Shanghai, Heifei, & Beijing, Summer 2013

“The palest ink is better than the best of memories” – Chinese Proverb

This was a week-long exchange trip for Ivy Council (the student government association of the Ivy League) that was completely free in efforts to bridge education talks between the two countries. I just wanted to put this up on my blog for the photos and so that I can remember the last time I was in Asia – I hope I can accumulate enough time off (and money) to be able to go again!

The Chinese government paid for our flights, hotels, attractions, transportation between cities, and everything else besides our own spending money. They treated us like queens and fed us so much delicious food – I had to go on a cleanse when I came back to the states!

I have linked a reflection on this trip by my fellow traveler, which was written almost immediately after the trip in 2013 and therefore a lot more comprehensive. Some of my favorite highlights were vising the Great Wall, Forbidden Palace, the Ministry of Education, a Buddhist temple, and the Shanghai Pearl TV tower. Crazy that we did this all in a week (and a lot of time was taken for diplomatic talks), but I am so grateful for the All-China Youth Federation and Ivy Council for the opportunity to represent the United States!

Total Cost: <100 RMB, or around $16, for the entire trip.


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