The Poconos Mountains

May 14-15


Another weekend trip with the coworkers-turned-friends, this time overnight. 7 of us got into a minivan and drove to the Poconos for a weekend, ready to live that cabin life (I think some people had never stayed in a cabin before…or had ever been in nature before…but oh well, an experience for all!)

Renting a car in NYC is EXPENSIVE 😦 Thankfully after splitting the van 7 ways, it was a bit more affordable, especially if you prepay and waive the under 25 fee. Even so, a minivan was especially expensive- might have been cheaper to rent two compact cars instead. After an eventful drive west to the Delaware River Gap (drive on the right side of the road, people! And if a truck tries to overtake you, let it or else you might get crushed!) we finally made it safely to our first trail- Mt. Tammany.

It’s a really fun route with lots of opportunities to go off the trail and climb rocks and swim in waterfalls.” – PB, one of the trip attendees

Mt. Tammany is a very moderate hike, great for in-shape beginners with a low work:awesome view ratio. We took the red dot trail up and the blue trail down, saw some great views of the Water Gap, and played in the waterfall on the way down.

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping for cabin dinner- a carload of food, enough for dinner, breakfast, and snacks, ended up being only $13.29 each! We’d thought we got too much (two types of burgers, veggie kabobs, pasta, fruit, eggs, muffins, bagels, fries, corn, etc) but we ended up eating most of it. The rest of the evening was spent making food in the beautiful, huge cabin (3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 3 living rooms and a porch) and playing games.

Most  woke up late the next day, so we had a very late start to the day. After making brunch, we headed out to Bushkill Falls (the “Niagra of PA”)- not a hike and very touristy, but beautiful views and an easy, perfect for some of the tired people in our group. We took the longest trail, which only lasted around 1.5 hours, but saw 21 mini-waterfalls and 8 major ones.

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