Washington, DC

April 9-11, 2016

the Jefferson memorial. We walked inside -very peaceful!

The last time I was in DC was for a day back in Spring of 2013. I’d gotten a group of friends to take the day trip all the way down from Philly….by taking a 4 AM bus. Crazy. We did a lot, but it wasn’t the BEST DAY TRIP MEMORY of all time or anything.

Metro Station

M and I decided to take a weekend trip down to finally do all the museums we’d been wanting to do. We took a bus early Saturday, arrived to Bethesda, MD (where we were staying with a friend –thank you N!) to drop off our bags, and headed down to the city to start our museum exploration.

Smithsonian Castle

The next few days were basically a slew of exploring the museums, eating food, and attempting to find affordable nightlife. DC is expensive, besides the museums! Food was basically as expensive as, or even more expensive, than in NYC. It helped that we were able to stay with a friend and she had a car that we all used to go eat outside of DC proper.

selection of gems at the Natural History Museum
Scoping out our next house šŸ˜‰

My favorite, underrated museum, is the American Museum of History. SO COOL, and so much to see – we spent 4 hours there! The portrait gallery was also very cool, much more interesting than expected, with a a healthy mix of pop and historical references – I was too busy appreciating these two museums to take any photos. Plus, I always feel weird taking photos inside places….so instead took a bunch of photos of monuments!

a DC hotdog (is that even a thing?)
last remnants of cherry blossoms
typical Rodin
WWII Memorial
the sculpture garden
tulips + Capitol
eating Jefferson Memorial + a PLANE?
Washington Monument


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