Money Diaries: Week of August 7

I am so excited for the month of August. Now that I’ve finished the FIRST YEAR OF GRAD SCHOOL (somehow) and many of my extracurriculars are taking a hiatus for a month, I’m excited to be a real person with real adult freedom (and yes, I am still working a full-time job…it just feels so much more free now that evenings and weekends are empty!!). My next major trip isn’t until the beginning of September, but I’m looking forward to being a normal NYC adult and having normal NYC adventures.

In honor of my first week of freedom, I will document a week of spending on a normal, social schedule. WARNING: This might be terribly boring, but I want to know how I fare when I’m trying to have as fun as possible and not traveling (for once). August will be the month of doing all the “New York” things I’ve been putting on the backburner because of school + travel.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th, 2016

This was one of the happiest weekend days I can imagine. I spent most of the day with one of my good friends LP (we’ve been friends for 5 years now, since the very beginning of college – fitting we spent national friendship day together!). A perfect NYC Day.

Morning: Woke up with breakfast made by M, as is Sunday tradition. Went on a 30-min run in the heat before meeting up with LP for brunch. $0.

12:30 PM: Restaurant Week brunch at La Sirene, a 4-star French restaurant. 3 courses for $29, plus a $5 AMEX discount. This has been our tradition since college and people advertise restaurant week as a good deal, but honestly none of the NYC ones I’ve been to have been outstanding. Philly’s food scene is much better, in my opinion.

2:30 PM: Strolled along Hudson. Decided to go kayaking for free at Pier 25. $0.

5 PM: Walked all the way down to the Governor’s Island ferry, which is free on Saturday mornings and $2 round trip otherwise. Lounged around the island’s hammocks. Bought an overpriced lime lemonade (?). $6.

9 PM: Went home to meal prep with M while watching part of the Olympics. Read the (free) Economist magazine of the week and fall asleep watching Gilmore Girls.

Total: $32 for the best day ever.

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Lunch/Snack: Veggie burger, meal prepped the day before. Finished large container of Greek Yogurt w/ honey. $0.

6 PM: Slow day at work, so left pretty early. Went on a 45 min run at my gym ($49.99 membership a month). Grabbed a quick dinner of dumplings at some food cart for $5 afterwards.

8 PM: Free improv show at the Pit-NYC, the People’s Improv Theatre with BH. My first time at an improv show in NYC, and it did not disappoint. The bar was cool too, if you wanted to grab cheap drinks afterwards!

Monday total: $5

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

A busy day at work! Overnight oats again, and some veggie chilli soup + veggie patty for lunch, meal-prepped.

6:30 PM: Snuck out of work to go to the gym with SB. Unfortunately we were supposed to go spinning together but I got out too late to go with her! Hopefully in a few months if we’re back on the same team again 🙂

7:30 PM: Ran down to Kips Bay for a quick dinner + drinks with M (we were both taking dinner breaks from work). We ate at La Tarte Flambee, which was totally cute with quick service! Apparently it was date night, so I didn’t get to pay….

9 PM: Back to work for a big presentation!

11 PM: Arrive home, clean room, read a little, attempt to learn how to make vlogs.

Tuesday total: $0. Sorry today was less than exciting – considering I had a 16 hour workday, I think I did okay 😉

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

12 PM: Networking lunch with a college sophomore. Is this how it feels like to be old?? $9.40

3PM: Finalized my plane tickets to Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Iceland for September! Excited to save up some money this month in August before jetting off again. All tickets were free: some are for work trips, some I used credit card miles for, and some I used Delta travel vouchers for. $0.
6 PM: IT and I left work pretty early as we had slow days. We first stopped by Trader Joes to pick up some wine for a party tomorrow (and I picked up some $3 wine for my own collections.)

7 PM: Then we walked over to a Yelp Elite event at a 5 star hotel, the Redburry. Open bar (including very strong gin lemonade), small bites of veggies, fried chicken, and ricotta balls, and a beautiful venue. $0. Must start reviewing on Yelp more often so I can get into events like these more frequently! They’re great platforms for meeting other Yelpers and making a few friends even.

10 PM: Picked up some Pad Thai dinner for M ($11) and watched Sex & the City and Pokemon the rest of the night.

Wednesday total: $20.40

Thursday August 11, 2016

I forgot breakfast today 😦 Bought a cup of coconut cream porridge from the JPM cafeteria for $2.17. I did bring veggie chili+ bread for lunch, though!

Today was a day of high expenses. I had some time to get a semi-annual haircut ($58+tip) – NY beauty is hard to maintain! I also ordered bulk TP for the apartment, a new Apple Watch band, and a new iPhone charger.

7 PM: After work I had a networking info session for a business school MBA program. Most of the people at the session were applying this year, but I’m not planning on applying for a few years at least! At least there was free food 🙂

9 PM: Since it was heavily raining, my outdoor picnic/ wine night with friends was cancelled for another time. Instead I met up with M to go to Trader Joes to buy groceries for the next two weeks ($42.27 each).

Friday, August 12, 2016

Another thing off the bucket list: Coney Island Friday Fireworks! Took the subway down immediately after work and read on the beach while waiting for the fireworks at 10 PM. Ate Nathan’s hot dog and fried Oreos while waiting ($14 total).

Friday Total: $14

Saturday, August 13 2016

M’s parents were visiting for the day and as always we had a fun-packed day of activities! Thankfully their hotel had a rooftop pool to save us from the heat wave that always seems to creep in on the weekends. We also visited the Tenement Museum, had a great lunch at Burger Bar, and saw a wonderful show at Dizzy’s Jazz Club (my favorite jazz club in the city btw – late night sessions starting at 11 PM are $5 cover!)


Weekly Total: $173.84 including semi-annual haircut. $115.84 without haircut – including groceries, food, at least one fun activity every day, and crossing things off the NYC bucket list!


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