Money Diaries: Week of August 14

Well, I’d say that the first week of freedom was a success! I am happy to report that every single day I had some sort of social or fun activity planned, and was able to save a decent amount of money even when having some one-off expenses (looking at you, female grooming tax). Here’s another week in my life – unfortunately, with a ~busy~ calendar I’m way too lazy to cook and meal prep when I get home (usually around 10 PM), so that will just have to be for another time (perhaps next week). A little disappointed at my overall money spent on eating out this week, but hey it’s summer!

Sunday, August 14

9 AM: Today I blocked all day off for one of my greatest friends EB as she was visiting the city from Philly for the day. I first had breakfast with M’s parents before they left for the weekend before meeting up with EB for a later brunch.

11:45 AM: Our first choice, Jack’s Wife Freda, was way too crowded, so we ended up going to neighboring Rosemary’s instead. We split two entrees. $18.

12:30 PM: Walk on over to the Whitney, as we were looking for as many air-conditioned activities to do today as possible because of the heat wave. Spent a few hours browsing around  – I have a corporate membership so we get in for free. $0.

3 PM: Wander around Chelsea Market for a few hours before EB has to catch her bus to Philly 😦 We get ice cream at a creamery that she’s been wanting to go to for a while. It’s exceedingly sweet, but not bad for a hot day. $7.

7 PM: Arrive home. Cry because it’s Sunday, but I actually don’t mind going to work tomorrow. Catch up on a few readings/TV shows/etc.

Sunday total: $25.

Monday, August 15

Nice to be back at work again! I bring food for breakfast and lunch.

5PM: Bought tickets for the Blue Lagoon for my upcoming Iceland Trip! $73.95 each including transportation. Iceland is apparently really pricy…but at least it’s beautiful.

6:30 PM: Another Yelp Elite event! This one was only shaved ice cream at Snowdays and not dinner. But it was so filling, I almost didn’t feel like eating dinner.

8 PM: Stop by Modell’s to buy a Yankee’s shirt for the game tomorrow. $15.

9 PM: Buy some chicken at Fairway for the next few weeks. $12.17. M says I should eat dinner and makes me potstickers.

Monday total: $101.12

Tuesday, August 16

Forgot breakfast again (sigh), so bought a coconut cream porridge from the cafeteria. At least I brought lunch! $2.17

2 PM: Meet up with friend for networking coffee. We get bubble tea instead. $5.

6 PM: Pick up some burritos for dinner for 2 to bring to the Yankee’s game. $16.75

8 PM: An exciting Yankees game. I cave and ~do the whole baseball experience~ and buy a drink. $12.

9 PM: Game gets rained out after Yankees score 5 home runs. Apparently after it resumed after the rain passed, the Jays scored 9 more runs….Oh well!

Tuesday total: $35.92

Wednesday, August 17

I’m not sure why but I was super hungry today…therefore my food spending was out of control.

10 AM: Breakfast. Walk over to Bluestone Lane, which is nearby since I’m working in a different office today, and order the AvoToast. Feta and tomatoes cost an addition $1.50 each, sigh. While the toast is pretty, I instantly cry while eating it because I could totally have made it myself… $11.01

Noon: Make frozen TJ’s indian food for lunch.

5PM: Get too hungry and realize won’t have time to eat dinner tonight. Grab some pad thai from a store that has its grand opening today and most things were 50% off as a result. Unfortunately pad thai was not one of them. It’s mediocre. $9.20

7PM: Wander over to Lincoln center. For some reason I’m really craving more food so I get a waffle from Waffles & Dinges. Saved a bit for breakfast tomorrow. $9.26

7:30 PM: The Junior Women in Banking group at my work organized a great night out at Lincoln Theater for the Mostly Mozart festival to see Joshua Bell perform. We even had a champagne reception during intermission with the violinist himself. AMAZING! $0

10 PM: Take a cab back home across town. $13.55

10:30 PM: Pick up milk and bread. $4.28

Wednesday total: $47.30

Thursday, August 18

That waffle really saved me! I should really make the effort to walk into kitchen and make some breakfast again. Starting tomorrow…

Noon: Oops, plans of eating leftover pad thai went down the drain. Met up with a friend for lunch at @Spot, for some affordable Vietnamese food. $12.

7 PM: girls’ night! PB, IT, and I had a lovely pizza + wine picnic outside.

11 PM: Finally go home. Pick up mayo on the way back. $3.29

Friday, August 19

7 PM: pick up gift for roomie’s birthday. I’m such a good friend 😉

8:30 PM: bday dinner at 99 Favor Taste. Birthday girl eats for free!! Everyone else is $25.99 for all you can eat hot pot.

10 PM: meeting, so have to skip the rest of bday festivities. Sad for me, good for wallet.

Saturday. August 20

Hike gets cancelled because of pouring rain. I finally get some time to myself today as a result. I meal prep, clean my room, organize my files, get caught up on some work, etc. As much as I love plans, it was the PERFECT day. Spent $10.18 in the morning on some groceries. 

best day ever!!



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