Rhode Island: Block Island

Originally I was planning on visiting Atlanta for my sister’s birthday but plans fell through, so I had a Labor Day weekend free! So, IT, PB, and I decided to take the time to go up to Rhode Island for part of the weekend. As I had to come back early to the city for various reasons, I only stayed for Friday-Sunday – so, this is completely doable in a normal, non-long weekend!

We bought bus tickets to Newport so we could make the morning ferry the next day to Block Island. Originally I’d planned on traveling to Providence and then staying the night- hotels are actually relatively cheap there. However, we ended up staying at a BnB in Newport for the night, which was somewhat pricey as Newport is the city of millionaires. But we spent a great night out on the cute town – totally walkable and very safe — and had some great seafood.

The next morning we took the high-speed ferry over to Block Island, also known as the “Bermuda of the North”. The ferry was $25 each way and departed from various places in Rhode Island; as the island is very isolated, it made sense that the ferry ride was overly priced. After a quick jaunt over the Atlantic Ocean, we arrived in town center and quickly found bike rentals!


Tandem biking!

IT and I decided to tandem bike as she didn’t know how to bike – and after a few minutes of struggling REALLY HARD, we got the hang of it! I think we’re pro tandem bikers now – very proud of ourselves. The entire island is extremely bikeable, and you can wander around any inlet and stop by any of the marvelous beaches. Our first stop was Mohegan Bluffs, 140 steps down cliffs to a beautiful rocky beach. Here, we had our little picnic of cheese and wine (and we definitely needed it after a very hilly bike ride!).


The rest of the day we biked around to various beaches – we didn’t have time to find the Wildflower Basin and hike, but it was still beautiful regardless. We ended the day with some ice cream back in town; I had to catch an earlier ferry to Montauk (the ferry departs from a different harbor than the Rhode Island ones!!) so I left the group early. Some time in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with some wine, cheese, and great company – amazing! And my night in Montauk was beautiful as well, although staying there a night would have been $1000 so I booked the latest train possible to make the comfort of my own bed at night.


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