Breakneck Ridge

rock-climbing in the wild

This is probably one of the most popular hikes in the NYC area because of the proximity to Manhattan and the ability to get here via public transportation ($28 round trip). As our birthday celebration, NT and I decided to do a day-long hike and chose this one, even though we knew it’d be crowded.

It was so fascinating to us that hundreds (?) of people lined up at the train to get off at the platform, and walk in a straight line to the trail head. We took the 8:43 AM train, so perhaps it was one of the most popular times – but WOW there were so, so many people.

The trail was a bit crowded at first, but thankfully it thinned out over time. This is definitely a VERY fun hike, but very difficult: lots of rock scrambling, so make sure you have proper shoes!

the super crowded trail head.

The views were pretty good too, typical views of the Hudson Valley, and there were multiple vantage points. The hike, while being extremely steep, actually wasn’t too hard in my opinion since people generally went very slowly on the rock-climbing sections and there were multiple opportunities to slow down and take a break at each fake viewpoint.

Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves by taking a cab down to Cold Springs and having some ciders, burgers, and the BEST ICE CREAM at Moo Moo’s Creamery. Truly a great day trip – lots of exercise, ended with a perfect treat at the end. Just be prepared for a somewhat crowded beginning!

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