Yosemite & Point Reyes


My hubs insisted on writing the introduction to this blog post, so here it is:

Hello there it’s me again a real traveling bob just traveling across the big world aplenty and whoo boy have i ever got a story for you this time when i will write the blog post you will see that it is sure a big one because there are all sorts of stories that i just can’t wait to tell for example i went to yosemite this time and boy howdy was it ever big you just look and look and there’s practically no end in sight so oh my gosh who could even believe that it’s such a big place but with all the clouds and that big captain rock you almost certainly can’t see it all because there’s just so darn much of it remember when that guy climbed the big rock in the han solo movie that sure was a sight to see and guess what i got to see it for real only the crazy climbing man wasn’t there i guess he had other things to do since you wouldn’t want to just live on a rock i guess because it would sure get real lonely and also where even would the groceries be i surely don’t know well that’s my time i sure hope you liked this one thanks

Now that that masterpiece is over, I am back with nice photos and proper English writing 😉


My friend TX and I decided to take a weekend trip out to Yosemite; I was a bit nervous about the drive, but I noticed that SF driving is actually super easy in the city (we did freak out a few times when I had to stop on a hill at a stop sign…that was stressful); but driving itself is nowhere near as horrendous as any of the cities on the east coast. The 4 hour drive to Yosemite itself was quite easy, made even easier by the fact that the last ~2 hours of it was through the Sierra Nevada mountains and made for some scenic roadtripping.


I’m pretty bad at keeping in touch with people one-on-one, but as I get older I think the best way to stay in touch with people is through travels and in-person meetings. For how easy it is for me to post on social media or to write a blogpost, it’s a different matter altogether to directly text (or god forbid, CALL) a friend to catch up. I tend to think that true friends don’t really need to catch up all the time, and we can pick up where we left off as soon as we see each other in real life. That was how it was like with TX and me – and I’m so grateful for my badass friends around the world who want to travel with me!

We stayed at the Yosemite View Lodge, which was right outside the entrance to Yosemite Valley – perfect driving distance to the valley and wasn’t as expensive as the Majestic Yosemite Hotel. Entrance to the park is now $35 for 7 days, and we gladly paid to support the NPS! There is a bus from Yosemite View Lodge that you can pay $5 to take you into the valley, but we preferred to drive and then take the free shuttle around major sites once we actually got into the valley. Our lodge had everything we could’ve wanted – groceries, toiletries, a restaurant, a hot tub, and even a nice balcony view onto the river right outside our room. Highly recommend as an affordable lodging option (although I’m sure if you come in the summer it’d still be expensive – even in the off-season the prices were in the ~$250 range).


looking at the sheer magnitude of El Capitan, I can’t surmise why anyone would want to climb it free solo…

Because we were visiting in the off-season, some of the hikes we’d wanted to do were closed because of snow or avalanches. Glacial Point is only open May-October, Half Dome hike as well, and while we were hiking the Mist Trial, the last 0.3 miles up to the best part of the waterfall was shut off for a recent avalanche. We still enjoyed our time wandering around Yosemite Valley – every turn was a new view, and the weather varied drastically enough to warrant a different experience each day.

On one beautiful sunny afternoon, after hiking the Mist Trail and visiting Tunnel View and Lower Yosemite Falls, we got some cocktails at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel and just spent some time soaking in the sunshine and reading. Heaven!DSC_0853.JPG



this pic looks blurry but it’s actually from the waterfall mist


All in all, we spent a good full 2 days in Yosemite Valley and felt that we got a great flavor of the park. It’s probably my favorite national park in the US so far – and it made me hungry to visit more of the California ones!


Point Reyes

an elephant seal escaping to the water at Drake’s Beach
so cute!

Before heading back to SF, we made a detour to visit Point Reyes. The park is vast, and we ran out of gas to visit the whole thing and so missed the fields of elk and the famous cypress tree grove. We did get to visit Drake’s Beach, where the herds of elephant seals overtook the beach when the national park was shut down. By the time we visited, there were just a few pups left, but we were so grateful to be able to see them so close to the parking lot.



DSC_0863Apparently the small towns near Point Reyes are super charming and popular for some good eats, so we stopped by Harbor Oyster Company. Here you can shuck live oysters yourself if you reserve a table – we didn’t so we simply enjoyed the vibes and oysters.


The park is only 1.5 hours outside of SF, but feels like another land – but then again ,there are so many pockets of nature near the Bay Area that everything just felt otherworldly to me. Thanks for a great trip TX – onwards to the next national park!


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